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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Red Cocaine by Joseph Douglass

See PDF here: Douglass_Joseph_Red_Cocaine.pdf 

html in 38 parts

The Statement of Policy Objectives below appears in the original after the last page, pg. 181. It is used here as an appropriate foreword. Many do not realize the depth of Father Malachi Martin's writings and how he clearly showed the Satanic deception enveloping the world on many different planes and spheres of influence, religious and political et al.

See this site below and the video links below that for some of Fr. Martin's interviews and important warnings he gave and below that for the Statement of Policy Objectives of  Edward Harle Limited:

Father Malachi Martin - witness to the Truth

video links:

Malachi Martin - The new world order and the new age

Malachi Martin



The well-known Irish-American author, Dr Malachi Martin, a friend of the publisher of the present work, has described it as 'a Luciferian fog'. We were discussing the remarkable inability of intelligent, well-informed people, especially among the policymaking and media communities, to understand the Leninist significance of the 'changes' which overwhelmed the world in 1989-91, and which have permeated everything that has happened on the political, cultural, institutional and religious stages ever since. Malachi's term is appropriate indeed. He was referring, of course, to the ever more apparently supernatural dimension of the evils the world faces today, of which the global drug scourge and the relentless attack on morality and society's institutions are the most pernicious symptoms.
The Luciferian fog that has enveloped the minds of many Western observers, politicians, bureaucrats and pressmen has, since 1989-91, all but obliterated objective reality, which has been replaced - by the intent of Soviet intelligence - with a structure of false images and lies. Communism collapsed all of a sudden. Soviet military power is no threat. (Did not th'former' Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies sign a document on 19th November 1990 entitled the Joint Declaration of Twenty-Two States' which pronounced that the signatories - the NATO countries and those of the 'former' Soviet Bloc - were 'no longer adversaries'?). The CPSU ceased to exist. The mafia in the 'former USSR' is 'stand-alone'. Free enterprise ha'taken roof. The 'former' Soviet Republics are truly independent. All these assertions are either wholly false or, at best, deliberately misleading.
What in fact happened should have been as clearly evident to scholars of the Russian language as to the few Western students of Lenin who remained appropriately sceptical that the sudden, orchestrated 'changes' could have been anything but manifestations of intelligence operations designed to deceive the West. For the true Leninist, dialecticameaning of 'perestroika' is of course 'reformation', as in 'military formation'. The whole worlis now paying the price for its leaders' millennial failure to discern the deceptive revolutionary meaning of Gorbachev's 'perestroika'; and the destabilising consequences of this strategic failure will be a millstone round the necks of future generations.
Edward Harle Limited was established to publish books which address this failure and its evil legacy for Western civilisation. Its remit is to disregard 'political correctness' in all its insidious manifestations and to cut through the lies, the mis- and disinformation and the fantasies which bedevil our understanding of what is happening to our civilisation, and to explain why it is happening. For the only effective weapon of defence is exposure.

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