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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Red Cocaine by Joseph Douglass part 1

The standard, uninformed, view of the contemporary drugs scourge, which is ravaging the minds and bodies of Western youth and thus degrading the gene pool, is that it 'just happened'. The financial rewards, according to that argument, are so enormous that there will always be evil forces willing to distribute narcotics for money. This complacent view is exploded by Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West, which shows conclusively that the continuing Russian and Chinese Leninists have been using narcotics for several decades as a decisive weapon in the ongoing low-level warfare they are waging against Western civilisation. Their use of drugs as an offensive 'soften-ing-up' instrument presupposes the lack of any discontinuity of Leninist intent and practice since 1917, and (crucially) since the orchestrated 'changes' of
1989-91, which were devised to mesmerise and mislead the world into believing that the World Revolution had collapsed. The narco-war is based upon a satanic strategy envisaged by Lenin and developed under Stalin by his odious police chief, Lavrentii Beria. After the Communist Chinese, having deployed narcotics against their own people prior to seizing power in 1949, had extende their   drug   operation internationally th Soviets   embarke in   earnest,   on Khrushchev's orders, upon their own drugs offensive - reinforcing a revolutionary campaign to demoralise the West by degrading society's morals and institutions, a strategy elaborated by the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci. Dr Joseph D. Douglass, the world's leading expert on the political use of narcotics, explains how a Czech defector, the late General Jan Sejna, alerted the West to this diabolical offensive - and how corrupt and irresolute Western officials and banks have chosen to ignore the ugly reality, for reasons of expediency and
'political correctness'.



An expose of long-term Russian
and Chinese intelligence operations aimed at achieving the demoralisation and ultimate control
of the West through drugs, as a dimension of the
continuing Leninist World Revolution.

Introduction by Dr Ray S. Cline
Former Deputy Director for Intelligence,
Central Intelligence Agency

About the Author: Joseph D. Douglass Jr. PhD

Dr Joseph Douglass is a national security analyst and author with expertise in defence policy, threat assessment, deception, intelligence and political warfare, nuclear strategy, terrorism, advanced chemical and biological warfare agents and applications, and international narcotics trafficking. Since the mid-1980s, his primary focus has been research into various dimensions of cultural warfare and notably into the illegal drugs plague, with emphasis on its origins, support structures, marketing - and the question: 'What can be done?'
Dr Douglass received his PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University in
1962 and has taught at Cornell, the Navy Postgraduate School at Monterey, and Johns
Hopkins School of Advanced International Relations in Washington, D.C.. He has worked
in and for the national laboratories (Sandia Corporation], the US Government, where he
was Deputy and Acting Director, Tactical Technology Office, Advanced Research Projects
Agency - and with various defence contractors, such as the Institute for Defense Analyses
and System Planning Corporation. He is a former member of the Weapons Systems
Evaluation Group, US Army Science Board, and a former consultant to the Arms Control
and Disarmament Agency and Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He currently directs
The Redwood Institute, which was formed to address the internal problems America faces
- such as illegal drugs, crime and impoverished education - and to identify root causes,
evaluate national policy and devise alternative policy options.
The Author has been a pioneering analyst and is perhaps best known for his ground-
breaking studies of nuclear weapons policy, the impact of precision-guided munitions, the
nature of the Soviet nuclear threat, the risks arising from chemical and biological warfare
agents, and intelligence aspects of international narcotics trafficking.
His unclassified books include The Theater Nuclear Offensive [1976, reprinted ten
times]; Soviet Strategy for War in Europe [Pergamon Press, 1980, also translated into and
published in German]; Soviet Strategy for Nuclear War [Hoover Institute Press, 1979:
numerous printings, translated into and published in Japanese]; CBW: The Poor man's
Atomic Bomb [Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, 1984]; Why the Soviet Union Violates Arms
Control Treaties [Pergamon-Brassey's, 1988]; Conventional War and Escalation [The National
Strategy Information Center, 1981]; The Superpowers and Strategic War Termination [co-
editor, Pergamon-Brassey's, 1989]; and the present work, originally entitled: Red Cocaine:
The Drugging of America [1990]. This new edition has been prepared with a view to meeting
continuing demand for the work, in both the United States and elsewhere, following the
strategic adjustment completed in 1991 when the Communist strategists switched to
pursuing their manic World Revolutionary objectives through covert Communism and a
'new form' of reversible 'state-controlled capitalism' - working, as  Lenin taught his
'illuminated' followers, 'by other means'.

RED COCAINE                                      V

Dedicated to
All who have lost a friend
or a loved one to the evil scourge of drugs.

It is high time to fight back.


About the Author: Joseph Douglass Jr PhD IV About Red Cocaine: Publishing data VI Acknowledgments VIII ABOUT EDWARD HARLE LIMITED VIII Introduction to the Second Edition IX Observations on the late Jan Sejna by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] XV About the Second Edition XV Note on the use of British English XV Warning XVI

Preface 1
Introduction by Dr Ray S. Cline, former Deputy Director for Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency 7
CHAPTER 1 The Chinese Drug Offensive 11
CHAPTER 2 The Soviets Decide to 'Compete' 15
CHAPTER 3 Building the Latin American Drug Network 25
CHAPTER 4 Khrushchev Instructs the Satellites 37
CHAPTER 5 Organising for 'Druzhba Narodov' 47
CHAPTER 6 Political Warfare & Drugs in Vietnam 57
CHAPTER 7 Moscow Intensifies the Drugs War in the Late 1960s 63
CHAPTER 8 Cuba and the Rise of Narco-Terrorism 77
CHAPTER 9 Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil 89
CHAPTER 10 Questions of Intelligence 113
CHAPTER 11 Fixing the Responsibility 133
CHAPTER 12 Grim Outlook for the 21st Century 153

Further Reading Suggestions. 180
Edward Harle Limited: Statement of Policy Objectives. 181
ADVERTISEMENT: Soviet Analyst:
A Review of Continuing Global Revolutionary Strategy. 182

VIII                                         RED COCAINE


In developing this book, I have received invaluable criticism and encouragement from numerous colleagues and friends. I would especially like to thank Ray Sleeper, Ray Raehn, John Lenczowski, Robert Wilson, Scott Miler, Marianne Hall, Dan Bagley, and George Kowals, for their encouragement and assistance. Above all, I would like to acknowledge the patience and special efforts extended by the late General Jan Sejna in recreating his personal experiences with Soviet and Chinese drug intelligence operations. Without his generous assistance, this book could certainly never have been written. I also wish to express my gratitude to several publications which have helped to bring parts of this material to the public's attention. The essence of the message first appeared in the Journal of Defense and Diplomacy; in America the Vulnerable and Soviet Strategic Deception, Lexington Books; in Global Affairs; and in Washington Inquirer.
Finally, I want to thank Ellen Levenseller and Terri Lukach for their painstaking assistance in reviewing and editing the manuscript, and James Whelan and WW. 'Chip' Wood for their many thoughtful suggestions and help in developing the final manuscript of the original edition [1990]. The Second Edition [1999] has been reorganised, edited and prepared by Christopher Story, of Edward Harle Limited. Chapter 12 is entirely new.

RED COCAINE                                            IX


The Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare1, the text of which survives in the public domain in part because it was used in underground schools such as the Eugene Debs Labor School at 113 E. Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wiscon- sin, in the 1930s and subsequently, contains explicit statements concerning the intended use of drugs against targeted populations for revolutionary purposes. In an address to American students attending the Lenin University prior to 1936, Lavrentii Beria, one of the most evil men ever to have lived, urged the students of
'psychopolitics'*, which Beria called 'a division of geopolitics', to study special revolutionary techniques designed 'to produce a maximum of chaos in the culture oi the enemy.... You must labour', he urged in his remarks, which have remained in the public domain along with the Communist Manual text itself, 'until we have dominion over the minds and bodies of every important person in your nation'.
Chapter 9 of the Communist Manual reveals that the Freudian school had already been hijacked by the Leninist revolutionaries. 'Vienna', it states, 'has been carefully maintained as the home of psychopolitics, since it was the home of psy- choanalysis. ... our activities have long since dispersed any of the gains made by Freudian groups, and have taken over these groups'. Now consider the following advice contained in Chapter 3 of the Communist Manual: 'The rich, the skilled in
finance, the well informed in government are particular and individual targets for the psychopolitician.... Every rich man, every statesman, every person well informed and capable in government, must have brought to his side as a trusted confidant, a psychopolitical operator'.
The best-known recent product of the diabolical 'success' of such a psycho- politician, posing as a 'healer' - a false 'psychiatrist' ill-received among professional
psychiatrists in London - is the late Princess Diana, whose mind was 'turned', deconstructed and then filled with 'garbage values' in the final years of her tragic life. Her case fits precisely with this instruction from the Manual:
'The families of these persons ('from the top strata of society', the Manual explained) are often deranged from idleness... and this fact must be played upon. The normal health and wildness of a rich man's son must be twisted and perverted
and... turned into criminality or insanity. This brings at once someone in "mental healing" into confidential contact with the family.... [By this means] there could be
* 'Psychopolitics', as explained in the Communist Manual, is the (satanic) art and science of asserting and maintaining domin- ion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through subversive and instrumental 'mental healing'.

placed at the side of every rich or influential man a psychopolitical operator'.
While Beria and his successors sought primarily to attack and derange influ-
ential people and policymakers in the West, as a short cut to destabilising policy 'to embroil or upset the economic policies of the [targeted] country', they also had in mind the use of drugs as a means of degrading society generally. Thus 'the masses' in whose name the Communists purported to agitate were themselves to be the direct victims of a global narcotics offensive.
The youth of society, in particular, were to be targeted - since they would in due
course assume positions of influence, with their values and loyalties corroded and
'changed' to the irreversible benefit of the revolution.
The self-evidently satanic nature of this programme should come as no sur- prise: after all, Marx became a satanist in his late teens2; Lenin is known to have attended at least one satanic event ('black mass') on the island of Capri; and Stalin (and of course the 'national' socialist, Hitler) were preoccupied almost exclusively with the agenda of the inhabitants of 'the bottomless pit' - death.
Thus the Communist Manual directed Lenin University students as follows:
'By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and ad- vertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol3, the psychopolitical opera- tor can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness.... He can, from his position as an authority on the mind, advise all manner of destruc- tive measures. [As an educationist] he can teach the lack of control of this child at home. He can instruct, in an optimum situation, the entire nation in how to handle
children - and instruct them so that the children, given no control, given no real home, can run wildly about with no responsibility for their nation or themselves. The misalignment of the loyalty of youth to a [non-Communist] nation sets the proper stage for a realignment of their loyalties with Communism. Creating a greed for drugs, sexual misbehaviour and uncontrolled freedom and presenting this to them as a benefit... will with ease bring about our realignment [of loyalties]'.
The Sunday Telegraph, of London, published a report on 5th February 19954 entitled: The new Switzerland: junkies, prostitutes and street killings'. The author, Patricia Morgan, revealed that 'since prostitution was legalised last December
[1994], brothels have thrust themselves into the limelight, advertising their wares in graphic detail. The same may be said of the 1994 Christmas stamp, a shameless travesty of the religious season, which displayed not the Virgin and Child but a phallus surrounded by stars. A motto was stamped above the design: Stop AIDS'.
A 'traumatic collision' was 'under way between the old order and a new nihilism.... After sex, drugs. It is discarded syringes, not snow, that he on the ground
around Zurich Kornhaus Bridge. Scarcely anything like the Letten district drugs scene exists anywhere: what looks like a high security prison, patrolled by guards, is in fact the local junior school. The perimeter wire keeps out the addicts and prostitutes'. Cross the bridge into Toronto from the US side of the Canadian border, and with what is the visitor greeted? The most oppressive and disgusting display that the
'entertainment' subculture has to offer anywhere in the world.


In the United Kingdom each weekend, an estimated 1.5 million young people spend Friday or Saturday night at 'raves', high on a synthetic drug called
'ecstasy' imported illegally from Holland, the mecca of permissiveness these past two decades; many deaths from this lethal concoction have been reported, and
the long-term damage being inflicted is unqualified. At gymnasiums and night- clubs, a new 'designer-drug' known as 'liquid ecstasy' was being extensively marketed in early 1999, after 'test-runs' in various parts of the country and among the homosexual communities in big cities. If this substance - gammahy- droxybutyrate, or GHB - is mixed with alcohol, lethal effects can quickly follow. Following the death of 27-year-old Ian Hignett, who expired suddenly after
ingesting this substance at some UK nightclub without knowing what he was taking, Detective Chief Inspector Colin Matthews, of Merseyside Police, told The Daily Telegraph5  that 'people taking this liquid are dicing with death'. They are indeed, since it possesses the delightful characteristic of being liable to depress the central nervous system.
Does the worthy Merseyside Detective Chief Inspector know that this evil
substance is almost certainly a byproduct of the continuing Soviet/ Russian chemical and biological weapons programme? If not, why has MI5/MI6 not advised him of this strong probability?
Will the intelligence contained in Red Cocaine come as 'news' to those, such as the admirable Colin Matthews, who labour conscientiously at the 'sharp end' of the drug scourge, and see its devastating consequences for British youth at first
hand, in the course of going about their duties?
Why has Western civilisation been degraded since the 1960s, and who is behind this phenomenon? The answer, in brief, is that the West has been the unknowing victim, for the past several decades, of long-term Soviet-Chinese strategic intelligence operations using drugs as a means of procuring the progressive demoralisation of Western society and a concomitant degradation of the gene pool -
with youth the prime target of this satanic offensive.
Communism, a form of devilish collectivist mania which, consistently with all forms of mental aberration, knows no rest - going 'round and round in circles' (hence
'revolution') - cannot succeed on its own terms. From the outset of Lenin's World Revolution, therefore, the Comintern sought 'special' (secret) ways of undermining society - using a methodology taught by Lenin and elaborated later by the founder
of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci.
Gramsci argued that 'power is best attained in developed countries through a gradual process of radicalisation of the cultural institutions - a process that would in turn transform the values and morals of the society. Gramsci believed that as society's morals were softened, so its political and economic foundation would be more easily smashed and reconstructed. [Hence it was necessary] to infiltrate
autonomous institutions - schools, media, churches, public interest groups - so as to transform the culture, which determines the environment for political and economic policies'6.
Red Cocaine, which definitively eliminates all doubt that the global drugs scourge has been hijacked, developed and co-opted by foreign intelligence opera-

tives and has become a primary dimension of the continuing Leninist World Rev- olution, is a classic work which the Establishment in the United States preferred to ignore. Self-evidently, its message is applicable not just in the United States, but also throughout the West, where governments are grappling, largely blindly, with a phenomenon whose origins they do not understand.
Red Cocaine confirms that Lavrentii Beria's determination that narcotics should be deployed in the interests of the Revolution, has been consummated since his liquidation at the hands of his satanic masters. It further confirms that the use of drugs to degrade targeted Western societies is an integral component of
what can be called 'the Gramsci dimension' of the continuing World Revolution which  has  engulfed  the  West.  Interestingly,  contemporary  revolutionaries carefully omit this fact from their open discussions of 'the Gramsci dimension' - suggesting that they may fear exposure of this diabolical element of their demented activities. For instance, in a 1996 summary of the progress made in winning 'the Gramscian war of position', which he fervently supported, Michael Walzer7 listed as 'positive gains' of the contemporary revolution virtually everything except the debilitating drugs epidemic: the legalisation of abortion; the extension of environmental, safety and public health regulations; the destruction ('transformation') of family life; the acceptance of cultural pluralism; gay rights politics; affirmative action; feminism; wholesale secularisation and infiltration of the churches; and the colossally wasteful escalation of public expenditure on wel- fare provision (needed to address, in part, the consequences of the narcotics offen- sive waged covertly by the revolutionaries against society). How curious that the global drugs plague released in order to poison our children was omitted from that perverse list of the continuing World Revolution's hidden 'achievements'.
The appearance of this revised and updated edition of Dr Douglass's classic work happened to coincide with that of a learned book on the same subject, in
which it is stated that 'corruption has been rampant in Russia and Eastern European countries since the collapse of the Soviet Union, making them easy marks for the marketing and money-laundering activities of the drug syndicates'8.
This statement alone contains three diversionary themes. First, it implies that the 'drug syndicates' are 'stand-alone' phenomena, from which it would easily follow (as is intended) that their primary motivation is the familiar one of greed. Dr
Douglass shows conclusively in Red Cocaine that this is the very opposite of the truth - the primary motivation being strategic (demoralisation). Secondly, it is implied that drugs are a new experience for the 'former' USSR. But in the 'former' Soviet Bloc, as today (under 'covert Communism'), all activities were and are
'licensed': for instance, the (fake) 'political parties' in Russia are splintered from the Communist Party and are supervised and controlled by it to this day9. The
'mafia' exists and operates by licence of the intelligence services, serving their agenda of 'criminalism' (the exploitation of organised crime in the interests of strategy). Under MVD General Eduard Shevardnadze's Georgian S.S.R., drugs were employed strategically for social and political engineering purposes10.
Thirdly, the statement obliterates the reality - which is that Soviet/Russian and
Chinese intelligence are the primary originators of the drugs offensive,


since the criminalist agenda is of the essence of the World Revolution in its current advanced phase. Indeed, THE FUTURE IS GLOBAL CRIMINALITY, as
Dr Douglass explains in Chapter 12. Or it will be, if Western policymakers remain
asleep for a further decade, while the remaining Western institutions are irretriev- ably corrupted - as an alarmingly sizeable proportion of the international banking community has been already. Indeed, Red Cocaine reveals that, from the outset (in the
1960s), elements of the Western banking community collaborated with the Soviets
and Czechs to perfect secret arrangements for laundering the proceeds of the
Soviet drug offensive against the West.
Studies of the drugs scourge (however learned and well-meaning) which sidestep, obfuscate or ignore the facts revealed in Red Cocaine - the original edition of which, after all, has been in the public domain for a decade - add to the confusion surrounding  this  issue.  They  also  do  the  work  of  the  offensive  intelligence
organisations' disinformation apparatus, which is preoccupied with ensuring that attention remains permanently diverted away from the true 'seat of the fire'.
Unfortunately, because the West's response to this low-level warfare has been ineffective to date, the international banking system has been severely compromised, so that the corruption of the banks makes it difficult to find an adequate response. Even so, the message of Red Cocaine remains as relevant today
as a decade ago - so that it has become more irresponsible and amoral than ever, to leave one's head buried in the sand.
In his work 'What is to be Done?', Lenin answered his own question by prescribing the global revolution which has engulfed the world - and which proceeds towards its objective of World Control while, as his lieutenant Dimitri Manuilski  predicted,  'the  bourgeoisie  sleeps'.  Dr  Douglass  answers  Lenin's
question with the only effective response possible: exposure. For this is the one response the political perpetrators of the global drug offensive cannot stomach.
CHRISTOPHER STORY, London, January 1999 and July 2001.

1. Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare, with an address by Lavrentii Beria, Stalin's Interior
Ministry Chief, to American students at the Lenin University, cited in 'Brainwashing, A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on
Psychopolitics', Kenneth Goff, a Communist who attended lectures based on the Communist Manual between May 2nd,
1936 and October 10th, 1939.
2. See Was Marx a Satanist?'Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, Diane Books Publishing Co., Glendale, CA, 1976-77.
3. The Sexpol, a Leninist School of Sexual Politics, from which contemporary feminism and other Gramscian aber- rations are derived. That feminism (a means of dividing the sexes), like the drug offensive, is an instrument of the revolution, was confirmed by the radical reformist Betty Friedan in her book The Second Sfage'ISummit Books, 1981], summarised by Ellen Willis in The Nation, USA, 14th November 1981, pages 494-495:
'Feminism is not just an issue or group of issues; it is the cutting edge of a revolution in cultural and moral values.... The objective result of every feminist reform, from legal abortion... to child-care programs, is to undermine traditional family values and increase women's personal and sexual freedom'.
4. Patricia Morgan, The Sunday Telegraph, 5th February 1995.
5. 'Mother's plea as son is killed by new 'party drug'. Nigel Bunyan, The Daily Telegraph, London, January 14,1999, page 13.
6. Antonio Gramsci's Selections from the Prison Notebooks, ed. Q. Hoare and G. Nowell Smith (London, 1971), cited by
Dr S. Stephen Powell, Covert Cadre, Green Hill Publishing, Ottawa, IL, 1987, pages 160, 359-360.
7. What's Going On? [cf. Lenin's 'What is To be Done?'] by Michael Walzer, Dissent, Winter 1996, New York, pages 6-7.
8. Hard Target: the United States' War Against International Drug Trafficking, 1982-1997, Ron Chepesiuk, McFarland & Company, Inc., Jefferson, NC, 1999.
9. See Footnote, page 180, for details of the documentary basis for this statement.

10. See James A Inciardi, 'Drug Abuse in the Georgian S.S.R.', Journal of Psycho-Active Drugs, October-December 1987.

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