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Monday, May 21, 2012

Freemasonry Watch - Is the Devil in the details? | Freemason News | Masonic Information

Freemasonry Watch - Is the Devil in the details? | Freemason News | Masonic Information

33rd Degree Ring, Freemasons, Freemasonry, Freemason, Masonic

The MOST popular definition of Freemasonry states that it is 'a unique system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols'.
M.S.A. (Masonic Service Association)
Year and Volume Unknown, author unknown

Freemasons, Freemasonry, Freemason, Masonic

The MOST popular definition of Freemasonry states that it is 'a unique system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols'.
M.S.A. (Masonic Service Association)
Year and Volume Unknown, author unknown



I came across the following information and have checked the sources and have cited them as well. It would seem to make sense especially after the changes the Church during the 60's and Second Vatican Council. It would also seem to follow what the Virgin Mary warned about the evils in the Church and what is currently happening and has happened in the Church in the past 50-60 years. [ Concerning the reference to the false Marian Apparitions, they are actually part of the Diabolic lies and illusions that led to the Apostasy of the stolen 1958 conclave and the false council of Vatican II, see: Marian Apparitions (2) - Marian Apparitions (5) - Marian Apparitions (1) - Cardinal Siri (1) - Siri (1) - Siri (1) ]

1958 The Year The Illuminati Infiltrated Catholic Church?

August 19, 2008
(from Feb. 2004)

"When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court...we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders...By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place." Protocols of the Elders of Zion-17

On New Years Day 2004 former Pope John Paul II called for a "new world order... based on the goals of the United Nations."

When a world leader uses this terminology, it can only mean one thing. He is a
part of the Luciferian conspiracy to create a totalitarian world government. (Illuminati infiltration is found by seeing the use of certain key words.)

According to Piers Compton, a former Catholic priest, the Papacy was actually subverted by the Illuminati in 1958 when John XXIII became Pope. This was the culmination of a 200-year campaign to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church.
Piers Compton was the Literary Editor of the Catholic Weekly The Universe for 14 years. He documents his claims in The Broken Cross, (1981) a book that is almost impossible to find because it was mysteriously withdrawn a few weeks after its release. It is now available online.

Compton traces the modern phase of the Luciferian Conspiracy to Adam Weishaupt who established the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.

"[Weishhaupt] was backed financially, as are most if not all anarchistic leaders, by a group of bankers under the House of Rothschild. It was under their direction that the long range and worldwide plans of the Illuminati were drawn up." (8)

In 1783, the Illuminati assumed control of much of Freemasonry, which secretly coordinated the revolutionary movement (Liberalism, Socialism, and Communism.) According to David Bay, "secret societies like the "Skull and Bones" have always functioned as Satan's church, as the only way to pass the baton from generation to generation."

The Illuminati regarded the Catholic Church as their chief enemy and marked it for ruin. In 1818, their Italian lodge issued a set of Permanent Instructions that included: "We require a Pope for march more securely to the storming of the church...." The goal was "the complete annihilation of the Catholicism and even ultimately of Christianity. If Christianity were to revive, even upon the ruins of Rome, it would, a little later revive and live." (13-14)
(There's a reason why satan/Illuminatists forces have for centuries tried to bring down the Catholic Church. The enemy does not waste his time, energy and resources trying to bring down a false church, only the True one.)


In an Encyclical Dec. 8, 1892 Pope Leo XIII identified two Kingdoms. "The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ; and those who desire from their heart to be united with it...The other is the kingdom of Satan...those who refuse to obey the divine and eternal law, and who have many aims of their own in contempt of God, and many aims also against God."

Throughout history they have been in conflict.

"At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself."

Ironically, when Leo XIII died in 1903, a Freemason, Cardinal Mariano Rampolla, was almost elected Pope. Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria vetoed his appointment in the last moment. .

The Illuminists had to wait another 55 years to gain control of the Papacy. When Pope Pius XII died in 1958, a Freemason Cardinal Angello Roncalli, became Pope John XXIII. (it is also interesting to note here, that the message from Fatima that was given to the children in 1917 was supposed to have been delivered and made public in 1960 as per the Virgin Mary, but wasn't. This information would seem to indicate that the Illuminati, seeing how the message was apocalyptic in nature and went against their interests, withheld it until the year 2000, when only a partial piece of the full message was given.)

Predictably, his first act was to begin to remove the element of Divine Revelation from Catholic teaching, and to embrace naturalism, materialism and Communism. These steps were taken at the Ecumenical Council in 1962 and Vatican Two in 1965.

As a result, Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit, predicted the Roman Catholic Church would no longer be recognizable by the year 2000. "There will be no centralized control, no uniformity in teaching, no universality in practice and worship, prayer, sacrifice and priesthood." (63)


Cardinal Giovanni Montini, who succeeded John XXIII as Pope Paul VI in 1963, was also a Freemason and socialist. (In 1944 Pope Pius XII had dismissed him as Vatican Secretary of State for conducting secret negotiations with the Communists. 53)

Paul VI revealed his true colors in a speech to the United Nations in 1965: "It is your task here to proclaim the basic rights and duties of Man. You are the interpreters of all that is permanent in human wisdom; we could almost say of its sacred character." (67)

This repudiation of the church's spiritual authority was symbolized by Paul's gift of the Papal Ring and his Pectoral Cross to Secretary General U Thant who sold them at an auction. (71)

The United Nations was set up on land donated by the Rockefellers as a front for the elite's Luciferian dictatorship. Its Charter was based on the Constitution of Soviet Russia and its leaders were Communists. It's Chapel is dedicated to paganism and run by the Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) which also handles all its publications.

Paul VI abolished the anti-Modernist Oath, the Index of forbidden books, and revised the Canon Laws. History and texts written from a predominantly Catholic point of view were re-edited. He encouraged "humanist" theologians like Edward Schillebeeckx who taught that the "the most honest and natural man was one who believed nothing." (105)

In 1976, the Journal Borghese printed a list of 125 top clerics who were Freemasons in contravention of Church law. It included their dates of initiation and secret code names taken from the Italian Register of Secret Societies. Compton prints the list, which includes the heads of Vatican radio and press, Catholic education as well as numerous high officials, Cardinals and Archbishops.

Because Paul VI was Pope, nothing came of it. Sounding very much like the Mason he was, Paul said in 1969: "We are about to witness a greater freedom in the life of the Church...fewer obligations and fewer inward prohibitions. Formal disciplines will be reduced...every form of intolerance will be abolished." (104)

This attitude is explained by reports that from 1936-1950, the future Paul VI was part of a Communist espionage network, a part owner in a chain of brothels and financed erotic films. (110)


Alibino Lucano, the Cardinal of Venice became Pope John Paul I on August 26 1978. He was also a "committed Left-winger" but he may have taken issue with the Vatican's financial shenanigans because he was dead a month later. There was no autopsy.

Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, succeeded him. Wojtyla is the first non-Italian since 1522, and the only Pope from an Iron Curtain country. Compton notes that while the other Polish Cardinal Wyszynski "never yielded an inch" to the Communists, Wojtyla opposed this attitude and collaborated. The Abbe de Nantes exclaimed, "We have a Communist Pope."

During the Conclave at which he was elected, Wojtyla read from a book of Marxist principles. In his first Encyclical, he praised Paul VI for having "revealed the true countenance of the Church" and bringing it in step "with the times." He went so far as to say that opponents of Vatican Two "cannot be considered the faithful." (172)

In a letter Sept 1, 1981 he said, "Christian tradition has never upheld the right of private property as absolute and untouchable." This contradicts numerous Encyclicals which state that private property is "a necessary incentive to human enterprise" and in accordance with divine wisdom and the laws of nature.

Pope Pius XII: "Only private enterprise can provide the head of a family with the healthy freedom it requires to carry out the duties allotted to him by the Creator for the physical, spiritual and religious well being of the family." (174)

Communism (state ownership) is a facade by which the bankers and monopoly capitalists will own everything.


Writing from the vantage point of 1981, Compton predicted that the Church's traditional positions will continue to be watered down.

Around the same time, Malachi Martin said, "The Christian church is decaying, has nothing to say and is on the way out." He added that the other great religions are suffering the same fate and predicted, "A worldwide religion with one structure and institutions," managed by "one great bureaucracy. And out of that will emerge the ultimate disaster."

I present this material because it is consistent with the emerging picture of an organized Satanic Conspiracy to subvert mankind.

Only in this light can we identify the lures of the modern world -- consumerism, the mystification of sexual love, and the social engineering associated with feminism, zionism, gay rights, tolerance, diversity -- as part of a diabolical process of spiritual, mental and physical enslavement.

"Modern" western society appears to be based on this conspiracy against God. Our cultural and political leaders are mostly witting or unwitting accomplices.

Eventually we will learn that real freedom lies in obeying God. The alternative is to become Lucifer's slave. The barbarism of the past century was not an aberration, but a harbinger of the future.

Masons control the Vatican

After 1958 - EVERY [ANTI]POPE IN THE VATICAN (John xxiii, Paul vi, John Paul i, John Paul ii, Benedict xvi) WAS/IS AN APOSTATE - ANY OPINION TO THE CONTRARY IS WRONG.

Masons control the Vatican


Canada Online

1492 – 0956

Hazánkért, 2007. 05. 15.

Masons Control the Vatican

And The Roman Catholic Church

Compiled by Rev. F.J.G. Ragelis (1976)

Pope John Paul I
His reign lasted only 33 days 1978. August to 1978. September. According to some sources he was murdered

Although Liberalist and Marxist infiltrators have been more active in the Roman Catholic Church in the past 50 years, with selected agents entering the seminaries as candidates for the Priesthood, the disciples of the Church kept these infected intellectuals underground, restraining any open activity.

Pope John XXIII knew there were dangerous elements in the Church, and specifically to bring them out in the open, he convened the Second Vatican Council. The Council had no sooner opened when the secret elements took control. The conservative Council Fathers were unprepared and could not foresee that they would be the losers.

When the documents of Vatican Council II were published, they became a tool in the hands of progressivist elements. Special commissions were created to work out what was to be changed and how the changes must be enforced under obedience. The special commissions were of course controlled by the same secret elements.

Listed below are the names of Monsignors, Bishops and Cardinals who are Masons and who are working in the Vatican, From the number of them -and from the exalted posts they hold it is easy to see how they completely control the Holy Father, the Vatican and the entire Church. These are some of the men responsible for the detested changes being forced upon good Catholics all over the world today.

Date Initiated into the Masonic Rite
Casaroli, Agostino
September 28, 1957
Baggio, Sebastiano
August 14, 1957
Angelini, Fiorenzo
October 14, 1957
Macchi, Pasquale
April 23, 1958
Virgilio, Levi (Lovino)
July 4, 1958
Alessandro, Gottardi
June 13, 1959
Pellegrino, Michele
May 2, 1960
Virgilio, Noe
April 3, 1961
Bugnini, Annibale
April 23, 1963
Villot, Jean
August 6, 1966
Suenens, Leo
June 15, 1967
Poletti, Ugo
February 17, 1969

Date entered
Matr. number
Marchisano, Francesco
February 4, 1961
Biffi, Franco
August 15, 1969
Brini, Mario
July 13, 1969
Rizzi, Mario
September 16, 1969
Pinot. Pio Vito
April 2, 1970
3317 42


Giovanni Battista –
Pope Paul VI. after his
mother’s name: Maria Montini
known as the „Montinian
or Jewish pope”
His reign in the Vatican

1. Cardinal Villot, Jean (Protector of the Church Ss-ma Trinita al Monte Pincio), Archbishop of Bosporo. Birthplace: Saint-Amant-Sallende, Diocese of Clermont; October 11, 1905; ordination April 19, 1930; consecration October 12, 1954; created and proclaimed Cardinal on February 12, 1965. Cardinal Villot is Secretary of Vatican State of His Holiness and Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church. Residence. Vatican City State. Cardinal Villot is Prefect of: The Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes; (president) Administrator of the Patrimony of the Holy See. Practically, Cardinal Villot controls Vatican foreign affairs and the most important Sacred Congregations. He became a Mason on August 6, 1966. [note El Universal daily in Mexico City on 10th of August 1976 published articles of the International Committee of Defense of Catholic Tradition about Cardinal Villot. It says Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Villot is one having come forth from a French family that produces, from father to son during the last two centuries Grand Masters of Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians Cardinal Jean Villot is Camerlengo. What does the Camerlengo position mean? After the death of Pope Paul VI, Villot will govern the Church until a new Pope is elected]

2. Cardinal Poletti, Ugo, Titular Bishop of Medelizi, Birthplace: In Omegna diocese of Novara, April 19, 1914; ordination June 29, 1938. Consecrated as Bishop, Sept 14, 1958. Created and proclaimed Cardinal March 5, 1973. He is the Vicar of His Holiness Pope Paul VI for the diocese of Rome and districts since March 6, 1973. Archpriest of Patriarchal Basilica of Lateran; Great Chancellor of the Pontifical University of the Lateran; member of Sacred Congregation of Sacraments and Divine Worship, member of Sacred Congregation for Priests and Religious; President of Pontifical Works and Preservation of the Faith; President of Pontifical Works and Preservation of the Faith; President and Protector of Liturgical Academy. Became a Mason on February 17, 1969.

3. Archbishop Bugnini, Annibale. Birthplace: In Civitella del Lago, diocese of Todi, June 14, 1912; was ordained in 1936 and consecrated on February 13, 1972. Bugnini was Consultant in Sacr. Congregation of Propagation of the Faith; in the Sacr. Congregation of Holy Rites in the section of Sacred Liturgy with commission; in the administrative tribunal he was a perito. Bugnini was the father of the Novus Ordo (New Order). He joined the Masons on April 23, 1963. [note: Msgr. Annibale Bugnini, author of the New Mass, was sacked in July 1975, when unquestionable proof of his being a Freemason was submitted to the Holy See. He has not even been publicly reproved, despite his being subject to automatic excommunication because of his being a Freemason. Archbishop Bugnini continues to exercise a diplomatic function in Iran on behalf of the Vatican.

4. Msgr. Biffi, Franco, Chaplain of the Holy Father and since Oct. 29, 1970. Rector of the Pontifical University of the Lateran. He was initiated into the Masonic Rite on Aug. 15, 1959.

5. Archbishop Casaroli, Agostino, Titular Archbishop of Cartagine. Birthplace: In Castel S. Giovanni, in the diocese of Piacenza, Nov. 24, 1914; ordained on May 29, 1937. Consecrated July 16, 1967, prelatus Domesticus, Secretary of Public Affairs of the Church; Consultor of Sacr. Congregation of Bishops; member of the Commission for Russia; Consultor of Pontifical Commission for Revision of Canon Law; member of Pontifical Commission for Latin America; member of Pontifical Commission for Emigration and Tourism; Sub-secretary of Vatican State on Extraordinary Affairs. Initiated in to the Masonic Rite on Sept. 28, 1957

6. Msgr. Macchi, Pasquale, Prelate of Honour of the Holy Father since June 13, 1964. Minutante of the second class, minor official of 1st grade of Vatican State. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on April 23, 1958. Msgr. Macchi is the private Secretary of the Pope, on whom he depends in order to write speeches and private correspondence.

7. Msgr. Rizzi, Mario, Prelate of the Holy Father since January 21, 1969. Chief of the Office; major official of 2nd class of Sacred Congregation of Oriental Church. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on September 16, 1969

8. Archbishop Brini, Mario. Birthplace; in Piombino, diocese of Massa Marittima, May 11, 1908; ordained June 29, 1938.; consecrated Jan. 28, 1962. Secretary of Sacred Congregation of Oriental Church; member of Pontifical Commission for Russia; Consultor of Commission for Christian Union; Consultor of Pontifical Commission for Revision of Canon Law and for Canon Law of Oriental Church; member of Administration for Convertites; Prelate of all Sacred Congregations. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on July 13, 1969.

9. Msgr. Pinto, Pio Vito, Attache of Secretary of State of Second Class. Notare of 2nd Section of Supreme Tribunal and of Apostolic Signature. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on April 2, 1970 and has monogram initials V.I.P. as very important person.

10. Msgr. Marschiasano, Francesco (from Turin), Prelate of Honour of the Holy Father since Feb. 29, 1972. Sub-secretary of Sacred Congregation for Seminaries and Universities of Study. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on Feb. 4, 1961.

11. Msgr. Virgilio, (Levi) Lovino, Prelatus Domesticus, President of Commission of Sacred Art. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on July 4, 1958. Fr, Virgilio is Assistant Director of L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican daily paper.

12. Fr. Virgilio, Noe, Vicar General of Fratres de Misericordia. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on June 13, 1959

13. Fr. Alessandro, Gottardi (G. Dv. Pietro). Procurator and Postulator General of Fratelli Maristi. Initiated into the Masonic Rite, on June 13, 1959

14. Bishop Angelini, Fiorenzo, Titular Bishop of Messene. Birthplace: In Rome, Aug 1, 1916; ordained February 3, 1940; consecrated July 19, 1956. Commendator di Spirito Sancto; delegate of Cardinal Vicar of Rome for hospitals. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on Oct, 1957.

15. Cardinal Baggio, Sebastiano (efeso), Protector of the Church Angeli Custodi, Titular Archbishop of Caglari. Birthplace: In Rosa, diocese of Vicenza, May 16, 1913. Ordained Dec. 21, 1935; consecrated on July 26, 1953. From 1964 was in Brazil as Apostolic Nuncio. Created and proclaimed as Cardinal on April 28, 1969. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on Aug. 14, 1957. Cardinal Baggio is the Prefect of the Roman Curia Congregation of Bishops. He controls Bishops.

16. Cardinal Pellegrino, Michele (Turin), Protector of the Church SS-mo Nome di-Gesu, Archbishop of Turin. Birthplace: In Centallo, diocese of Fossano, April 25, 1903; created and proclaimed as Cardinal on June 26, 1967. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on May 2, 1960.

17. Cardinal Suenens, Leo, Josef. Birthplace: In Ixelles, archdiocese of Mechelen Brussels, July 16, 1904; ordained Sept. 4, 1927. Consecrated March 19, 1962, with title and Protector of St. Peter in Chains; created and proclaimed as Cardinal March 19, 1962. He worked as Cardinal in Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide, Congregation of Rites and Ceremonies, and Congregation of Seminaries and University Studies. Was in Pontifical Commission for Revision of Canon Law; was delegate and moderator of Vatican II Council; had been affiliated with Pentecostalism. Initiated into the Masonic Rite on June 15, 1967.
A. An election must begin between the 16th day and the 19th day after the death of the Pope (Canon 84)
B. The Cardinal Dean asks the elected Cardinal if he will accept the office
C. During the Vacancy, the exercise of supreme authority in the Church is suspected.
D. The Cardinal Camerlengo with three Cardinals composes a special congregation (Canon 85). NOTE: The Cardinal Camerlengo presides over the Apostolic Camera. After having assured himself of the death of the Pope, and after having published the death notice, he takes possession of and assumed the government of the Apostolic Palace. He also sees to the safeguarding of the rights of the Holy See.
E. At the vacancy of the Holy See, the college of Cardinals and the Roman Curia have no other power that that of the Constitution of Pius XII (see Canon Law, Text and Commentary, pg. 153.) The Constitution abrogates all other previous ordinances.

A. The Cardinals cannot change Church Laws
B. Two special congregations of Cardinals, one general and one special are to transact business
in order to arrange the Conclave
C. The following Cardinals retain their powers:

(a) The Cardinals Camerariou. At their head is the Cardinal Camerlengo J. Villot)
(b) The Major Penitentiary, for urgent cases; forum conscientiae
(c) The Cardinal Chancellor
(d) The Cardinal Vicar of Rome
(e) The Legates
(f) The Nuncios
(g) The Apostolic Delegates
(h) The Papal Almoner

D. The Secretary of State expires and is taken by the Secretary of the Sacred Colleges
E. The Sacred College governs the Vatican State
F. The Sacred Congregations have no power (see pg. 153 of Canon Law)
G. The Tribunal of the Rota and the Signature retain their jurisdiction (no. 24228). Msgr. Pinto
Pio Vito is the Mason who holds power of Signatura and does not lose power during the Sede
Vacante, i.e. after the Popes death
H. The right to elect the Pope belongs exclusively to the Cardinals
I. Simony is severely condemned under excommunication, but does not invalidate the election
J. Immediately upon his acceptance, the elected Cardinal acquires, by Divine Law, the full power of Jurisdiction


Geneva (Agence France Presse). High-ranking Church officials in the Vatican and Archbishops and Bishops of different countries are militant members of Freemasonry, as was denounced yesterday here by theInternational Committee of Defence of Catholic Tradition. Among them figure none other than some of the principal collaborators of the Pope, such as the Secretary of the Holy Father, Msgr. Pasquale Macchi, the Vatican diplomat Agostino Casaroli and the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Msgr Jean Villot.

This presence of the enemies of the Church, in the internal structure of the Church forms a part of the mystery of iniquity and should be unmasked, the international organisation affirmed.

The list of prelates accused of being Masons was published by the International Committee of Defence of Catholic Tradition which is formed, as it is affirmed, by renowned personalities of different nations who are identifies in all the force of their Faith as theologians in unity with Catholic Tradition

The Integralists, who propose for themselves (to defend the Traditional Church), directly mention the Vatican Secretary of State, Jean Villot, as one having come forth from a French family that produces, from father to son during the last two centuries, Grand Masters of Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians

Other high-ranking dignitaries of the Church accused by the International Traditionalist Organisation are the Primate of Belgium, Leo Suenens; the Vicar of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome, Ugo Poletti; the Archbishop of Turin, Michele Pellegrino; and the Prefect of the Roman Curia Congregation of Bishops, Cardinal Baggio.

The International Committee of Defense Of Catholic Tradition, after indicating that the Bishop of Lille (Nord, France), Achille Lienart, also belongs to Freemasonry, publicly gave out the same accusation against other bishops. The well-known Vatican diplomat Msgr. Agostino Casaroli and the Private Secretary of the Pope, Msgr. Pasquale Macchi, are also both Masons, according to the International Committee of Defence of Catholic Tradition. Msgr. Casaroli is qualified as the Kissinger of Vatican diplomacy, the great artisan of the opening up to the (Communist) East and all of the scandalous destitution of Cardinal Mindszenty

2. El Universal of Mexico, August 10, 1976 Paris (Agence France Presse). Some French literary personalities sent a letter to Pope Paul VI, published yesterday here by the conservative Le Figaro, asking him to reconsider the sanctions applied to the Traditionalist Bishop Archbishop Lefèbvre. They added that Pope John XIII „esteemed and loved”Lefèbvre, and they indicated later on in the letter: „They are being celebrated everywhere and with impunity certain strange Masses, sometimes ecumenical ones, that have absolutely nothing to do with the Mass of Pope Paul VI.” -- Then it would seem that any and all Eucharistic celebrations be tolerated, save the traditional Mass.

Prepared by Rev. F.J.G. Ragelis

Additional Copies -- if still available -- from: Christian Book Club of America
Post Office Box 900566
Palmdale, California 9590

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