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2 Opium Lords - Expanded TOC

Opium Lords - Expanded TOC

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The Truth About the Sixties

The Motives

The Plot Against Kennedy

The Assassination

The Framing of Oswald

The Warren Commission

Commission Attorneys David Belin and Arlen Specter

The Means: Division Five and Permindex

Joseph Milteer Corroborated Jewish Conspiracy

George Wallace and Curtis LeMay

The Assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King

The Coup Against Nixon

Media Moguls


Chapter 1: The Media Coup

Analysis of NBC Coverage of JFK Assassination

Transcripts of Martin Agronsky's Commentaries

Transcript of Elie Abel's Commentary

Transcript of Charles Murphy's Coverage of Oswald

Chapter 2: Inside Parkland Memorial Hospital

Senator Ralph Yarborough's Account of the Assassination

Dr. Charles Crenshaw's Description of Bizarre Events

Ambulance Driver's Description of how Secret Service Stole the Body

Dr. Crenshaw's Description of how Secret Service Stole the Body

Major General Chester V. Clifton


Chapter 3: The Importance of Jim Garrison

Prosecution of Clay Shaw

Dean Anderson Linked Clay Shaw to Oswald

Garrison Proved That Shaw and Bertrand Were the Same Person

Garrison Linked Clay Shaw to Louis Bloomfield

Permindex Funded Assassination Attempts on de Gaulle

Chapter 4: Louis M. Bloomfield, the Assassination Engineer


Profile of Bloomfield Written by Brother Bernard

Bloomfield, the Jewish Philanthropist

Criticism of Histadrut by an Israeli Intellectual

Bernard Bloomfield's Obituary

Bloomfield, the International Lawyer and Author

Bloomfield's Work at Phillips and Vineberg, a Montreal Law Firm

Bloomfield, the Haganah Soldier Trained by General Wingate

More Espionage

Chapter 5: The French-Corsican-Latin Connection

Overview of Researcher Steve Rivele's Theory

Transcript of Rivele's Interview From The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Criticisms of Steve Rivele's Conclusions

The Three Assassins

Christian David

Michel Nicoli

Auguste Joseph Ricord, the Heroin Kingpin

Lucien Sarti

Jean-Paul Angeletti

François Chiappe

The Mafia Comes to Asia

Dallas Drug Smuggler Hallucinated About JFK in Open Court

Transcript of Colonel Prouty's Interview From The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Chapter 6: Other Garrison Findings

The Exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald

Jack Ruby's Filmed Interview

Julia Ann Mercer Saw Ruby Drop off a Gunman at Dealy Plaza

House Select Committee on Assassinations Ignored Mercer's Testimony

Ruby's Association With the FBI

Ruby Tried to Save Oswald

General Charles Cabell and Brother Earle, Mayor of Dallas

Former CIA Director, Allen Dulles

Chapter 7: Proving Conspiracy

Look at the Zapruder Film

John Connally's Wounds

Transcript of Connally's Interview From The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Summary of Shots Fired

Kennedy's Neck/Back Wound

Joseph Milteer Corroborated Jewish Conspiracy

FBI Report Stated Assassination was a Jewish Conspiracy

Milteer's War on Jews

Milteer and George Wallace

False Critics and Opposing Propagandists

Robert Groden

Dr. Cyril Wecht

Oliver Stone

Noam Chomsky

Michael Kazin & Maurice Isserman

Gerald Posner

Chapter 8: Power Brokers

Sam Bronfman's 1963 Oil Investments

Kennedy's Oil Tax

'Suicide' of Bronfman Biographer, Terrence Robertson

Israel's History of Terror

Israel's Political Parties & Prime Ministers

A Peculiar Offer

AIPAC's Control of US Politicians


Chapter 9: Johnson’s Hidden Loyalties

Secret Ethnicity

1931: Johnson Came to Washington as Congressman Kleberg's Assistant

Johnson's Mentor, Senator Alvin Jacob Wirtz

Brown & Root: Johnson's Primary Financial Supporter

The Rags to Riches Story of Brown & Root

Friendship With J. Edgar Hoover

Chapter 10: LBJ’s "Passionate Attachment" to Israel


1953: The Jordan River Diversion

Nov. 1956: The Suez Crisis

Feb. 1957: LBJ Rescued Israel From UN Sanctions

Jul. 2, 1957: Senator Kennedy Made a Controversial Speech About Algeria

Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Algeria

Jun. 5, 1967: The Six Day War

Background on the Six Day War

UN Resolution 242

Jun. 8, 1967: Israel Attacked the USS Liberty

Arthur Goldberg, UN Point Man

Chapter 11: Vietnam, Johnson’s Opium War

American Heroin Trafficking was Introduced by Jewish Gangsters

China's Vietnam Strategy in 1965

History of Opium Wars

The Golden Triangle

Origins of the Vietnam War

Reasons for the War

Vietnam History, From 1941 to 1963

Vietnam was a Divisive Issue Within JFK's Government

Oct. 31, 1963: Kennedy Announced Withdrawal From Vietnam

Nov. 1, 1963: Diem Assassinated in CIA Backed Coup

Nov. 24, 1963: Johnson Rescinded Kennedy's Withdrawal Order

Aug. 2, 1964: Gulf of Tonkin Incident Occurred. The Vietnam War Began.

Aug. 25, 1964: Johnson got Cold Feet and Wanted to Resign.

Oct. 14, 1964: Khrushchev Toppled

Johnson Escalated the War

The Assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King

1968: LBJ Attempted to Appoint Abe Fortas as Chief Justice

Chapter 12: The Nixon Administration (1969-74)

The Secret Bombing of Cambodia

Nixon's Eight Point Strategy to end the Vietnam War

The Conclusion of the Vietnam War

The Watergate Burglary (June 17, 1972)

Division Between Nixon and the Military

Bob Woodward and Naval Intelligence

Nixon's War on Drugs

Dealing With Israel

The War of Attritution (1969-70)

The Jordanian Crisis (June to September 1970)

The Death of Nasser-Replaced by Sadat (1970)

The Yom Kippur War (Oct. 6, 1973)

UN Cease-Fire (Oct. 22, 1973)

The Geneva Conference (1973)

Arab Oil Embargo (1973)

Rethinking Nixon


Chapter 13: Religion and Politics

Talmud vs. Bible

Persecution of Jews

Jesus Warned Against Pharisaic Rule

Balaam: References in Bible and Talmud

The Plot to Kill Jesus

The Apostle Paul, a Pharisee, Distorted Jesus's Message

The Ancient Kingdom of Khazaria

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Fraud or Real?)

Revised History of the Twentieth Century

Chapter 14: Conclusion

Camelot's Taboo Secret

Fallout From JFK's Assassination

Points of Discussion

Fifteen-Year Reign of Terrorist Likud Party

Bush and Clinton Attempted to Make Peace in the Middle East

The Death of Vince Foster

Media Cover Story: Foster Was Depressed

Other Mysterious Deaths

Deaths of Rock Stars


The Oklahoma City Bombing

Seismograms Offered Insight Into Oklahoma City Bombing

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on America

If I Were a Jew

Reasons to be Hopeful


A: JFK’s Letter to Eshkol About Dimona

B: George Magazine Article About Yitzhak Rabin's Murder





Epilogue: Reactions From Famous People to "Opium Lords"

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