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Saturday, January 2, 2010


It is common knowledge here in the Middle East that the Golan Heights were handed over to the Israelis in the 1967 war. Hafez Assad was then minister of defense, and Abdel Haleem Khaddam, the ill remembered syrian manufacturer of the Lebanese war, governor of the Golan district.

Was it or was it not handed over? All the facts on the ground tell it was. Hafez Assad, as a mythical Antar, announced in his own demagogy to the Al Thawra newspaper on May 20, 1967 that:" Our forces are now entirely ready not only to repulse the agression but to initiate the act of liberation itself and to explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland. The Syrian Army, with its finger on the trigger, is united... I, as a military man, believe the time has come to enter into a battle of annihilation...".

War has come on June 5 on the Egyptian front. Syria waited 22 hours to engage its artillery against the kibbutzim of the Galilea. While pounding civilian targets, Assad ordered the attacking units to take position on June 6 at 600 hours in daylight, under a prevailing israeli air superiority, and layed down pontoon bridges over the Jordan river in the same night. The main attack never took place. Instead, some units conducted a small incursion into near by kibbutz of Sheer Yashov just to find out it was empty... The pontoons waited three days intact just to be crossed by Israeli troops that ran over the Golan undisturbed on June 9.

But that is old History. However, Hafez Assad is still ruling Syria and extended his rule to brotherly embrass Lebanon. And now, in the year 2000 of our Lord Jesus Christ, 23 years of the Golan mascarade, his puppies in Lebanon are repeating the same play. The same conductor is playing with another orchestra. Israel should withdraw from The Golan and South Lebanon at the same time, they say loud and clear to the whole world. But Assad failed until now, to convince us that he did not sell the Golan to the Israelis so that his claim in the withdrawal could stand unchallenged. Old History never dies. The horns of Damascus and Beirut sound loud today, so does my bung--le (No offense to Beavis and Butthead), and Israel keeps the land.

In 1967, the farmers of Sheer Yashov and Kfar Giladi looked with greed at the rich land of the Golan where wheat grew higher. Now the whole of Israel looks with greed at the Litani river after several attempts to reach it during the early stages of French and British mandates over Lebanon and Palestine. Now it is time to take by force what could not be taken by diplomacy, especially when the rabbies of Israel fly high in the skies on an airplane to pray God almighty for a drop of rain.

Thieves, that is what they are. Thieves and arrogant. Theves and liars. Have they bought some real-estate in South Lebanon under false and forged names? This is not a legal issue to claim sovereignty over the land. Buying real-estate does not by any of the laws of the planet Earth transfer its sovereignty to another country. Forging documents is punishable by all the laws of the planet Earth.

Liars and thieves, that is what we call those who claim what is not rightfully theirs. Claiming compensation for the so-called Holocaust is not rightfully an Israeli issue. It is only and namely the right of those who suffered and died in the Nazi camps, and their direct descendents. We are not going to debate the existence or the no n-existence of the Holocaust. But we point out strongly that the fact of questioning the existence of the Holocaust in its wider scale (nobody denies that there was a huge number of victims in Hitler's camps), especially when it comes to the Jewish community or race, is punishable by law in France and Germany. Does the Truth need any earthly law to protect it? We know that the contrary is true.

Mad Madeline always thinks When in doubt, Bomb!
She bombed Serbia, she is bombing Iraq, ahe makes the Israelis bomb Lebanon. The Israelis are happy, and she is happy.
In 1978, we fought Syria,
The US was not happy,
In 1981, we fought Syria again,]
The US was not happy,
In 1982-83, we sought peace and understanding with Israel,
The US was mad, mad, mad...
In 1989-90, we fought Syria for the last time
The US was really mad that time,
In 1990, Syria invaded what remained from the Free Lebanon,
The US was finally happy,
But now that the lebanese puppies are following obediently their Master's voice, The US is once gain not happy, even so mad that Mad Madeline insinuates to the Israelis that they have all the right in the world to bomb the infrastructure of Lebanon in retaliation to their military casualties while occupying Lebanese land.

Just tell us what would make the US administration happy again? Should we send a Monica Lewinsky of ours to make it happy? Or shoul we all turn out to become as many Monicas in prostituting our country, so the palestinians could settle down in our land and our towns?

The seeds of a new war between the Lebanese people and the palestinians are being planted now by the hands of the americans and the israelis. What will happen will be their entire responsibility. Do not talk to us any more about American compassion. Was Khomeiny right in showing the Great Satan?


A Former Lebanese Diplomat - BEIRUT

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