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Saturday, January 2, 2010


For two weeks, the Lebanese people have been protesting in the streets the Syrian occupation of our homeland. The world media has just started covering the events. The Syrian-appointed Lebanese puppet regime of Lahoud/Hoss brutally oppressed the peaceful protests and arrested scores of university students.Many were injured, some critically. As of this moment, the Syrian-trained secret police continues to conduct nightly raids, arresting Lebanese citizens whose only crime is to peacefully oppose the Syrian occupation of their homeland. These are not armed criminals, rebels, or militiamen. They are university students, lawyers, architects, doctors, engineers, and innocent working Lebanese citizens.Despite the crackdown, the demonstrations continue, and more people descend to the streets daily to protest the barbaric oppression of the occupation regime and to demand the freeing of all jailed patriots. Voices from all walks of society are decrying the attacks on freedoms, but we are not surprised since the Syrian dictatorship is capable of much more cruelty.

This is truly a twisted age. When the global awakening is reaching the four corners of Earth, we the Lebanese are still being subjugated to a Stalinist regime from the Dark Ages. A black hearted bloody dictatorship, frozen in time, incapable of understanding human compassion and dignity, one that matches and exceeds the cruelty of the cruelest such as Hitler and Milosovitch.

The Syrian-appointed Lebanese regime of collaborators and traitors is burning Lebanon and turning its back to genuine peace, just to please its Dark Lord, the Butcher of Damascus, Syria’s Bloody Dictator; Hafez Assad. It persists on waging a futile war and on spilling the blood of the Lebanese and Israelis through mad and misguided fanatics to serve the interest of the Grand Sadist. A lunatic war criminal responsible for the death, wounding, and maiming of hundreds of thousands of our people since the early seventies. The current ruling political class in Lebanon is nothing but a thin mask to the Syrian occupation. None is legitimate. All have been cleared, selected, and appointed by Ghazi Kanaan, Syria’s Intelligence Chief in Anjar. Some leaders were used and turned into collaborators, others assassinated, and the most patriot of all exiled. From the top echelon of the so-called Lebanese government down to the lowest intelligence operative, the state is staffed with collaborators, traitors, thieves, war criminals, and warlords. In short a Syrian-engineered police state. Traitors like Emile Lahoud, Selim Hoss, Nabih Berry, Walid Jumblat, Rafiq Hariri, and so forth, who are burning, burying, and prosecuting Free Lebanon today. They are the instruments of the Syrian occupation. They have lost all shame. They have the audacity to call true patriots agents, and then arrest, kidnap, torture, and jail the Free Innocent Lebanese.

Between 1975 and 1990, The Syrian war of aggression against Lebanon resulted in 150,000 Lebanese killed and 200,000 wounded. Since 1990 and until today, 850,000 out of a total of 3.5 million Lebanese were forced to leave the country because of oppression and economic hardship, only to be replaced by 1.5 million Syrian workers and 400,000 nationalized Syrians and Palestinians. The “new Citizens” get bused every four years around the different regions to vote in sham elections conducted by the Syrian Intelligence under the tank barrel of 40,000 Syrian occupation troops. Under successive Syrian-appointed governments, Lebanon was saddled with $24 billion in foreign debt that were spent on fraudulent construction projects and effectively ended in the pockets of the occupation regimes and the Syrian ruling class. The economy has been totally destroyed. The Syrians interfere in the day to day economic activity in Lebanon. They bully companies into contracts, intrude in business deals, force upon Lebanon trade treaties that flood our markets with Syrian goods and destroy whole economic sectors. The middle class has disappeared, poverty is widespread. Hunger and disease are becoming a daily reality. Some Lebanese are selling their lands to Syrian and other Arab parties just to be able to feed their children. The press has been silenced. Abuse of human rights and torture is rampant as per the US State Department country reports, Amnesty International, and other international human rights organization. The environment has been devastated by the regime officials and their cronies. In short, the Syrian colonization of Lebanon is as cruel as South Africa’s apartheid. We have become a banana republic with a few rich collaborators at the top, and a vast majority of poor. With “brothers” like the Syrians who needs enemies.

In the end, the Syrian Ethnic cleansing of Lebanon is not much different than Serbia’s ethnic cleansing of the Bosnians and Kosovar. The genocide of the Lebanese however, occurred over a longer period and has been more subtle but as devastating and deadly. The world has left Lebanon alone to the Syrian dictatorship to devour us.It is time for the world to move swiftly and eradicate the Syrian dictatorship in the same tenacity and determination it fought Milosovitch of Serbia. You owe it to the Lebanese, Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, as well as the poor Syrian people. Enough appeasement to the serial killer.

We promise all our martyrs who fell to the Syrian war of aggression and all the living, that their memory shall be sanctified for generations to come. To all the collaborators, the war criminals, the thieves, the Syrian ruling class, and to all those who have assassinated, kidnapped, tortured, and jailed our people we say; the Time of Judgment has come. We shall bring you to justice and try you in Nuremberg-style courts.

Lebanon shall rise again and the light of our Freedoms shall penetrate all the dark alleys of the Middle East. We shall cherish and protect ALL our people and respect all human rights. No citizen shall ever be forced into exile to seek freedom and dignity, nor for having a politically different opinion. We shall bring back the original meaning of patriot and that is Love and Loyalty to a Free, Sovereign, and Independent Lebanon and not submission to Syria. It is Love and Loyalty to ALL the human beings inhabiting the Land, from the Naqoura in the South, to the Nahr elBarid in the North, From Beirut in the West, to the Masnaa on the East. Every Lebanese is precious and holy, regardless ofreligion, gender, ethnic, or national origins.

We and the world knows with clarity that the Syrian Dictatorship wants to annihilate Lebanon. They are diluting our unique identity with their treacherous Brotherhood of Darkness. Despite all the Syrian propaganda, history can testify that Israel only entered Lebanon in self-defense. It is not Israel who is annihilating us today or yesterday, and it is now withdrawing from our land. Our choice is crystal clear. We must first eradicate all Syrian traces from our homeland. We must then erase the Syrian hate-programming of the masses they performed the last few years. We must also make sure Syria never threatens us ever again. We must then build a secular, democratic, and humane nation with human rights and opportunity for all as the foundation of the rule of law. We must then establish the warmest and friendliest peace with Israel, even a total and strategic military alliance. Total economic partnership to benefit both our societies and cement the Peace through relationships between the people. We must learn and respect each others’ history, the right to exist, and our future respective aspirations. The word “enemy” shall be eradicated from the political vocabulary. We shall become the truest of allies, and to hell with some Arabs if they do not like it. Where were they during the last 25 years of the Syrian genocide of our people? The whole world is our New Frontier.

Long Live Free Lebanon
Freedom Fighter

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