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Saturday, March 3, 2012

World Military Strength Comparison - Iran versus Israel

Map of Iran

World Military Strength Comparison

Iran versus Israel

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Map of Iran
Map ofIsrael
Total Population77,891,2207,473,052
Military Manpower Available46,247,5563,511,190
Fit for Military Service39,556,4972,963,642
Reaching Military Age Yearly1,392,483121,722
Active Military Personnel545,000187,000
Active Military Reserves650,000565,000
Total Aircraft1,0301,964
Total Land-Based Weapons12,39312,552
Total Naval Units26164
Towed Artillery1,575550
Merchant Marine Strength7410
Major Ports and Terminals34
Aircraft Carriers00
Patrol Coastal Craft19842
Mine Warfare Craft70
Amphibious Operations Craft260
Defense Budget / Expenditure$9,174,000,000$16,000,000,000
Foreign Reserves$75,060,000,000$66,980,000,000
Purchasing Power$818,700,000,000$219,400,000,000
Oil Production4,172,000 bbl3,806 bbl
Oil Consumption1,809,000 bbl231,000 bbl
Proven Oil Reserves137,600,000,000 bbl1,940,000 bbl
Total Labor Force25,700,0003,080,000
Roadway Coverage172,927 km18,290 km
Railway Coverage8,442 km975 km
Waterway Coverage850 km0 km
Coastline Coverage2,440 km273 km
Major Serviceable Airports31948
Square Land Area1,648,195 km20,770 km

bbl = Barrel of Oil (1 bbl = 42 US Gallons or 159 litres)
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