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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Economic Control

Economic Control

Saculina Carcini is an extraordinary creature, a barnacle that degenerates practically into a plant. It starts life as a free-swimming larva that invades a crab then changes into a microscopic slug, which plunges into the crab's underside and sprouts "roots" that draw in nutrients from the crab's blood.

The crab's immune system cannot fight off Sacculina. but continues living with the parasite filling its entire body and begins to change into a new sort of creature. One that exists to serve the parasite. Externally it appears the same, but internally it is merely a puppet controlled by the intruder.

America and Britain, (plus most other countries) are in the same position as the crab. Externally they appear to be in charge of their actions whilst internally they are in the hands of malevolent and manipulative strangers.

Previous pages on this site have highlighted the Financial and Media Control of International Jewry. What follows is a rundown - of a necessity brief - of their control in other sections of human activities:

A quote from The Wealth and Poverty of Nations by David Landes sets the scene:

"In 1836...After centuries of more or less profitable activity, a network of private banks was in place, collectively rich and capable of financing medium and long-term investments in industry... These groups typically hung on religious and cultural affinities: The Huguenot-Calvinist, Sephardic-Jewish, German-Jewish, Greek-Orthodox commercial "families" knew their own kind, whom to trust and whom to worry about, whom to ask and whom to work with.
...Thus the Paris Rothschilds financed French railways and French and Belgian coal mines and forges; the Vienna branch of the bank promoted railways and invested in ironworks and coal mines in Habsburg territory."

In 1858 the founder of Reuter's,Baron Paul Julius von Reuter, or to give him his original name Israel Beer Josaphat, obtained in Persia concessions to build railways, establish a bank and to collect customs dues for twenty years. He gained exclusive rights for seventy years to operate mines, tramways and water works, to build irrigation canals and fell timber as well as an option to found utilities, post offices and other enterprises. Lord Curzon called it "the most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands."

Extracts from The Dearborn Independent - 17.12 1921, on the encroachment of the Jews in the American Liquor Industry.

..."the bulk of the organized bootlegging this country is in the hands of the Jews..."
"...the liquor business of the world has been in the hands of the Jews. In the United states the liquor business was almost exclusively in the hands of Jews for 25 years previous to Prohibition..."
"...As middlemen they control the wine product of California. ... The Jews have a grip on the cigar trade..."
"It was also true in Russia, Poland, Rumania. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that:'The establishment of the government liquor monopoly (in Russia in 1896) deprived thousands of Jewish families of a livelihood.' They controlled the liquor traffic, the vodka business, which undermined Russia...."

The above was written more than eighty years ago. And now? How many of the big cartels are Jewish owned? The list below is simply a sample, given merely as an indication of the seriousness of the situation.

Louis Dreyfus:

Headquarters: Paris, France.

No. 1 French grain exporter.

No. 3 World grain exporter

No 4 US grain exporter.

No. 5 Argentine grain exporter

No. 1 world grain exporter to Russia.

Louis Dreyfus has a bank which in the 1970s rose to the fifth largest private bank in France.

Bunge and Born:

Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

No. 1 US dry corn miller (18% of the market)

No. 1 Brazilian grain exporter.

No. 2 U.S. soybean products exporter.

No. 3 US grain exporter.

No. 3 U.S. soybean processor.

No. 7 Argentine grain exporter.

The extent of the Bunge and Born domination of the Argentine economy was revealed in 1974 when the Montoneros terrorists kidnapped the heirs to the firm. It was revealed that Bunge and Borne not only dominated Argentina's agriculture, but also that Bunge companies produced 40% of Argentina's paint, one-third of its tin cans and 20 percent of its textiles.

Argentine President Juan Peron attempted to suppress the power of Bunge and Born and other grain cartel companies. He moved to have the government buy the grain from the Argentine farmer and export it. In 1955 Peron was deposed and the system he had set up was disbanded. When Peron was returned to power in 1973, he established a National Grain Board for the same purpose, fiercely opposed by the grain cartel companies. He died in 1974 to be succeeded by his wife, Evita, who was overthrown in 1976, and control of grain and meat exports was once again returned to the private grain companies.


Chief Executive Robert Shapiro.

Major UK investors in Monsanto Rothschilds.

Monsanto are rated as one of the "bad" companies, guilty of many human rights' and environmental violations, notably for GE foods and their products, "Agent Orange". "Dioxin" and Roundup".


Headquarters: Switzerland

No. 1 World food company.

No. 1 World trader in dry milk powder.

No. 1 World trader in condensed milk.

No. 1 seller of chocolate and confectionary products.

No. l seller of mineral water.

No. 3 U. S. coffee firm.

Nestle has 400 manufacturing facilities on five continents.

Nestle chairman: Helmut Maucher.

Nestle owns 50.1% of Israeli food maker Osem Investments.

In 1998, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe on behalf of Nestle, received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in recognition of their investments and trade relationships.

Unilever: (originally Lever Brothers).

No. 1 world producer of ice cream.

No. 1 world producer of margarine.

One of the top five world exporters of dry milk powder.

No. 1 European tea seller.

No 2 and No.3 world producer of soaps and detergents.

One of the top five world crushers of palm oil and palm kernel.

One of world's largest producers of olive oil.

Largest stockholder Viscount Leverhume.

Philip Morris:

In 1847 Philip Morris opened a London tobacco store and by 1854 was making his own cigarettes. In 1985 Philip Morris bought General Foods and in 1988 acquired Kraft Foods.

No. 2 world food company.

No. 1 U.S. food company.

No. 1 world processed cheese seller.

No. 1 world cigarette producer.

No. 3 world confectionery business.

Key personnel: Rupert Murdoch, Richard Parsons of Time Warner,which is partially owned by the Bronfman family reputedly a major force in the world's illegal narcotic trade and Stephen Wolf senior adviser of Lazard Freres investment bank.

Philip Morris is one of the largest smugglers of illegal cigarettes, both for sale and as barter for other illegal goods. It has been cited repeatedly in the Italian press as one of the world's largest marijuana dealers.

Control of Minerals

The modern world has a voracious appetite for minerals. This requirement has seen the rape of South America, where her mineral riches have been, and still are, a Pandora's gift.

Mining is one of the most damaging and dangerous industries producing numerous negative environmental impacts.

This danger increases when, as now, mining exploitation is in the hands of a few companies whose agenda is questionable.

De Beers:


Eighty per cent of the world's diamond market is controlled by De Beers, who in their turn are controlled by the Oppenheimer family.

The value of diamonds is regulated by the supply of "rough" allowed on to the market, and not because diamonds are rare. Almost all commerce in diamonds is in the hands of Jews.

This dates back a long time. Until the early part of the eighteenth century, the world's supply of diamonds came from India and the Jews, with feelers in all the markets of Europe and through connections in the Ottoman Empire, were the conduit through which much of the gems passed. Interestingly enough the rising Indian trade in diamonds is offering a threat to the De Beers' monopoly.

In 1998 De Beers were accused of colluding in the war in Angola and trading in "war diamonds". A booklet entitled "A Rough Trade" was produced by the organisation Global Witness and caused De Beers, caught on the back foot, to announce the closure of its office in Angola.

Anglo American:

Also controlled by the Oppenheimer family, Anglo American is ranked as one of the largest mining corporations in the world along with BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Alcoa.

Mines in South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Namibia, Tanzania, Peru, Colombia and Alaska. Its investment in Trans-Siberian Gold provides opportunities for further growth in Russia and has recently acquired Ashanti, the world's second largest gold mining company in terms of production.


Controlling interest in Kumba, one of the world's leading iron ore producers.


Anglo Platinum supplies forty per cent of the world supply. Plus a joint venture for platinium group metals in China's Sichuan Province.

Base Metals:

Copper: Namibia

Zinc: Skorpion mine operated by Anglo Base metals in Namibia.

Acquisition of Minera Sur Andes, the Collahuasi Rosario Project in Chile and Codemin in Brazil.


Anglo Coal and BHP Billiton proposed expansion of coal in South Africa.

Possible coking coal mine in Queensland, Existing operation in Moura in Queensland.

BHP Billiton:

Another mining giant with world wide interests, covering Iron Ore, Coal, Copper, Oil and Gas, Diamonds, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium and Alumina, Chrome and Manganese.

One of the major shareholders is Chase Nominees i.e. Rockefellers.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc.

This Company is one of the world's largest and lowest cost copper and gold producers from its Grasberg mine in Irian Jaya. It was listed in 1996 as one of the ten worst corporations and has been focused for decades by labour, indigenous and human rights as well as environmental groups. The Grasberg concession's worth is estimated at $50 billion.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FTX) has other business interests besides copper and gold mining. These include a joint venture partnership in IMC-Agrico Co. This is one of the largest fertilizer producers in the world. FTX also produces phosphate-based animal feed ingredients through IMC-Agrico. In addition FTX is the largest producer of Frasch sulphur worldwide.

A noteworthy member of the Freeport Board of Directors is the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, the company's main lobbyist for dealings with Indonesia. Dr. Kissinger has had strong connections in Indonesia since his meeting with President Suharto prior to the invasion of East Timor, reportedly to provide full American support. Kissinger's firm receives a yearly retainer fee of $200,000 from Freeport and has been a director of the parent Company Freeport McMoran Inc. since the late 1980s.



Petrol is the principal combustible of the modern age.

In 2003 ExxonMobil topped all companies for profits and the City Group tailed only Exxon.

ExxonMobil is the combination of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil of New Jersey and Standard Oil of NY, Chevron is the old Standard Oil of California. Citi group is the old First National City Bank, now dominated by the Rockefellers. Chase is the historic flagship of Rockefeller finance.

ExxonMobil is labelled as one of the "bad" companies for environmental and Human Rights violations and Standard Oil's reputation in South America does not read well.

Although the Rockefellers do not appear to be Jewish in origin, they do have Jewish connections. In some quarters it has been suggested that they are a front for the workings of the Rothschilds.

Certainly Laurance Rockefeller and Rothschild were the founding members of the Bilderberg Society whose agenda is world domination.

The founder of the Rockefeller family, William Avery Rockefeller, was a travelling salesman, who fled from a number of indictments for horse stealing, eventually disappearing and re-emerging as Dr. Willian Levingston and was interred in an unmarked grave under that name.

John Rockefeller, William's son. was a war profiteer during the American Civil War, who acquired a near monopoly of the petroleum industry in the United States. and founded Standard Oil.

The family appear to be great philantrophists, but a glance at what they fund is interesting. Education (a useful method of indoctrination), churches (with a world religion agenda) and numerous supposedly "green" groups.

Is there not an anomaly here? ExxonMobil, the source of their wealth, is a company (as was Standard Oil) guilty of numerous anti-environmental misdemeanours. How does this accord with their role as protectors of the environment?

Could it be that all this apparent generosity is merely a means of retaining control of those societies who may become a hindrance to their aims? After all "he who pays the piper calls the tune".

World Bank:

According to Reuters' report on the 11th October 2004, the World Bank Director: Paul Wolfowitz (ex US Deputy Defence Secretary and architect of the Iraq war) intends to increase its investment in mining projects in developing countries by 50%. The bank already has a high-profile oil project in Chad. The bank's financing of mining projects has previously been made by its private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation.

The recent "cancellation" of debts of certain Third World countries, notably Bolivia, Mali, Guyana - which are mineral rich, is no philantrophic action intended to better the lot of the indigenous population. Whoever heard of money lenders cancelling a debt?

The decision taken at the recent G8 meeting in Scotland to cancel Africa's debts has nothing to do with the rich countries helping the poor. Rather it means that the International Monetary Fund is merely employing the same tactics that placed a stranglehold on South America: offering financial aid in return for allowing monopolistic companies, who require cheap labour, a foothold in the economy to the detriment of local industries. Whilst the money "donated" never reaches the lower fringes of society but merely goes as sweeteners to keep a new malleable elite in power.

This dangerous control of resources by people whose agendas are suspect bodes ill for humanity and the environment.


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