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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1940's Lucky Luciano's connection to the U.S. government. See: Lucky Luciano: World War II During WWII, America needed new allies to advance its invasion of Sicilyand Italy, so the U.S. government is reported to have covertly made a deal with Luciano, who was by then imprisoned. U.S. military intelligence was aware that Luciano had maintained good connections in the Sicilian and Italian Mafia

1942 OSS beginning, including partnership with the Mafia.

1945 Mafia paid off by OSS when a huge number of Mafiosi imprisoned on Sicily were released by order of the OSS.

1947 OSS becomes the CIA.

1948 Zionists, backed by the insurgency beginning in the 1930's of the terrorist groups that became the Haganah and Palmach and others, coerce President Truman into pressuring the United Nations into creating the Modern state of Israel. Palestinians, including especially Christians, are dislocated after the manner of Nazi disruptions of peoples and cultures.

1956 Ongoing Treatyof Rome for European Unity reaches finalized state for long term implementation by Europeans for their intent to displace the U.S. as the World Super Power.

1962 Russians and United States link computers to track nuclear strike alerts against one another. Beginning of the staging of the cold war after end of Stalinist versus old line U.S. standoff.

1962 - 1963 Beginning of the Mafia's using the Hell's Angels for contract hits. This is for the promotion of the drug dealing both were entering into. Involved and overseeing this was/is the CIA.

1962 - 1963 CIA sees the Japanese Soka Gakkai (a Yakusa organization) as a viable ally in their plans.

1962 -1965 Vatican II Council codifies apostate Tubingen and Lausanne and Geneva theologies for the European Union's attempt at a One World Religion. Three people at Vatican II were the most instrumental and would have the longest involvement after the council in the implementation of the council's aims. These three were: Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) and Hans Kung (later the Trotsky-like sacrifice by the other two) and Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI).

1967 Air America flying many places in the world; white aircraft.

1967 Judges in the U.S. funneling drug dealers into the military, especially the Marine Corp.

1969 CIA recruitment on college campuses very high.

1969 Canada to Cuba gunrunning through U.S. by CIA.

1969 CIA, KGB and Red Chinese Intelligence working together through: out of house contract agents, who with the CIA’s complete coordination and oversight (they ran the whole thing) targeted innocent American citizens, for the next three years minimum, as subversives as a fake, for overseas CIA-MOSSAD-KGB-Red Chinese murder contracts.

1970's Continuing CIA drug dealing affecting especially the U.S military. See: -- According to McCoy, the opportunistic alliances forged between the drug cartel and the C.I.A. saw the U.S. effectively turn a blind eye to the heroin syndicates in return for assistance in its obsessive fight against Communism in the region. The result of this confluence of events was that, with the withdrawal of forces in the early 1970s, the rampant heroin problem among G.I.s was simply repatriated back to the U.S.A., leading to an unprecedented explosion of heroin addiction in western nations.

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President Nixon and Henry Kissinger give away the victory that the U.S. had over Vietnam in order to wound U.S. suzereignty in the world.

1980s Ronald Reagan destroys American economy and drives the U.S. into insurmountable debt.

1990's Russian mobsters flood underworld in U.S. and Israel and throughout the earth.

1993 Air America flying, for some time, black aircraft (especially helicopters), in the U.S. The CIA has been growing in various countries and dealing drugs to and with every dictator imaginable throughout the world for years. The drugs are shipped to the U.S. for the profit that the drug sales make for the drug lords and the crooked politicians they own here and abroad. The DEA is only a front for the U.S. to pretend they are doing something about it.

1996 Admiral Borda, loyal patriotic American and four star Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations (means he knew as much or more about intelligence operations than anyone else) and who wouldn't play ball with either the CIA's or the Mossad's crooked dealings, was murdered in the style of a Mafia whack with a single shot through the heart. A center hit, the stiff propped in achair as a warning to others not to be a stoolie.The only difference in style is the large caliber round. Some Mafia hits would match that, but usually they prefer a smaller caliber. It resembles Mossad hits in this respect of the large caliber round used. All said and done it was the Mafia under command of the CIA mimicking the Mossad. Both the CIA and the Mossad work together. But in the U.S. it is always the CIA and not the Mossad, except of course when the CIA employs the Mossad, whose superiors actually dictate to the CIA's bosses what they want.

2001 Twin Trade Towers come down from shape charges and disappearing Jetliners.

2002 CIA and U.S. military empowered by Bush regime to war against the Middle East for Israeli Nationalist Expanionist Zionist aggression.

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